Straight Blast Gym Buford Reviews

Straight Blast Gym Buford Karina Miller

"I couldn’t find any nice pictures of me and my daughters to print. I felt I was ruining their memories, lol, because I didn’t want to be in any pictures with them because of how I looked. Plus I felt horrible, and I missed the way it felt to be in good shape."

Karina Miller

Straight Blast Gym Buford Renato Arauz

"The community and care that I get here has made my weight-loss journey so much easier. It's a lot easier to get up at 5am and go to the gym when I'm actually excited to see the people there."

Renato Arauz

Straight Blast Gym Buford Evan Carson

“After I had been training here for a few weeks I brought my son Evan in to do a session with Coach Sean.  It took no time at all for him to start loving it.  He loves learning new things and to be able to compete against the other kids.  He’s made a bunch of new friends and looks forward to going to class every week.”

-Greg (Evan’s dad)

Evan Carson

Straight Blast Gym Buford Frank Skrobot

Jiu Jitsu is just fun. It makes me excited to come to the gym, which has never been the case before.”

Frank Skrobot

Straight Blast Gym Buford Susan Mazzarella

“I came to Straight Blast Gym from a big box gym.  What brought me here is the one-on-one coaching.  I LOVE that they are focused completely on me and my goals, my form, and my individual results.”

Susan Mazzarella

Straight Blast Gym Buford Liz Horn

“SBG has been a life changer for me. I was coming off of a major illness and was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the classes. The coaches were incredible in keeping me motivated while never making me feel out of shape or out of place.”

Liz Horn

Straight Blast Gym Buford Rick Morgenstern

“It’s not just the weight loss, it’s the change in physique and my strength increases too.  I catch myself in the mirror sometimes and I hardly recognize myself.  After training is done I love going home and having that great energy to be able to play with my kids and spend quality time with my wife.”

Rick Morgenstern

Straight Blast Gym Buford Jackie Harder

“One day I just decided that I wanted to try something new and it took me ‘from the couch to the gym. I know it takes discipline and I am committed to this change. I know that years from now, I’ll look back and feel a great sense of pride; SBG has changed my life!”

Jackie Harder

Straight Blast Gym Buford Lilly

“About a year ago, we wanted to get Liliy involved in something that would teach her some self-defense. She is already doing gymnastics and we thought that jiu-jitsu would compliment her current skill set and teach her some practical, real-life self defense. Liliy loves the coaches here and her tribe of teammates.”
-Katrina (Liliy’s mom)


Straight Blast Gym Buford Mike Greene

“I started practicing with the MMA team just to push my own boundaries. I strongly believe that forcing oneself out of comfort zones is the only way to experience true growth.  I really like that everyone takes care of each other and you know the people you’re training with are safe”

Mike Greene

Straight Blast Gym Buford Dennis Aguirre

“The staff and the coaches are constantly impressing me. I can tell they know what they are doing and that they practice what they preach. I’ve never felt out of place at SBG.  Plus, it’s awesome to have so many types of programs available in one place.”

Dennis Aguirre

Straight Blast Gym Buford Koorosh Sharghi

“I’d had a bad experience at my last martial arts gym, where I’d gotten hurt a few times during training.  It became super clear from the very beginning that SBG was run by professionals who know what they’re doing.  I love coming here and getting better.”

Koorosh Sharghi

Straight Blast Gym Buford PK Ko

“I like the way kickboxing classes make me look and feel. My waist is smaller and my arms look better…which my husband loves, lol. It’s not just the physical part that I like though. I love the way I feel after Cardio Kickboxing class. Not only does it get my heart racing and my body moving, but I always feel incredible afterwards. When I’m working hard, it makes me want to eat better, and it definitely makes me sleep better!”


Straight Blast Gym Buford Erin Criswell

“Straight Blast Gym is the first place I’ve been where, all day, I’m excited about coming to workout.  The people and the coaches are awesome, and they’re always pumped to see me when I walk through the door.  That’s a big deal, because it’s really easy to blow off working out when I have a lot going on in life.  Because I’m having fun and getting results, I alway make time for my training sessions!”

Erin Criswell

Straight Blast Gym Buford Sarah Dunn

“I really like the coaches and the other guys and girls that I train with; everybody is very helpful and we have a good time. These are my friends, this is my family and I’m really happy to be here.  It’s brought a lot of positives to my life!”

Sarah Dunn

Straight Blast Gym Buford Karen Trejo

“I was at LA Fitness for a year and really didn’t get anywhere near what I’ve accomplished here in less time.  My favorite thing is without a doubt the people. They will motivate you, push you when you’re lazy or want to stop, and encourage you to do things you feel you might not be ready for, but know that you really are.”

Karen Trejo

Straight Blast Gym Buford Evan Carson

“He loves learning new things and to be able to compete against the other kids in the gym.  He’s made a bunch of new friends and looks forward to going to class every week.  I like being able to do martial arts with my son and being able to talk about our training sessions on the drive home.”

Evan Carson

Straight Blast Gym Buford Brent Ledford

“My favorite things about the gym are the quality training, great coaches and the camaraderie.  It really is like a family. You can tell that the coaches and other members actually care about you getting positive results. I’ve never been a part of something where the coaches and other members are all cheering me on as I finish out my last couple reps, or row my last hundred meters. I can never go back to a big box gym again! I’ve been spoiled. ”

Brent Ledford

Straight Blast Gym Buford Allen R.

I've been training at SBG Buford for about 6 years and it has turned into my second family. I love that the coaches are there for you, especially Coach Sean Coleman. Coach Sean is always there to drill and bounce new ideas off of. Love this place.

Allen R.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Bee T.

My son Tyson joined this gym for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and loves it!  Great coaches and a great curriculum for my son's age group of 5-6yrs old.

Bee T.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Anita S.

Great gym. Great people. Great atmosphere. It really is like a tribe and we all share the same passion: improving ourselves and investing in ourselves. If you're in the area, I highly recommend this place. I always leave sweating and with a smile on my face.

Anita S.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Frank S.

This is the ONLY place for MMA and performance training. Coach Phillipe is the most I tune Coach I have ever worked with and the level of athletes here is top notch. You don't want to be anywhere else!!

Frank S.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Cliff C.

Better than any other martial arts center. The staff takes real pride in their students.. when working with the kids if they notice are struggling, they will Jump to help.  Dedicated, staff with a very clean and well-maintained gym makes it a great place for beginners and the experienced combined.

Cliff C.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Jose C.

SBG is the best gym I have ever been to. They offer so much and everyone is so friendly and the coaches are the best they make sure you get the best workout and have a great time doing it. So if you haven't stopped by you should definitely check it out.

Jose C.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Nan C.

Learning soooo much and enjoying every second of it! Coaches, staff, and members are all amazing! Feels a like a little community of kicking ass!!!

Nan C.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Meaghan R.

If you’re looking for a gym that truly cares about you getting where you want to be, a place where everybody is awesome and supportive, and an all around great atmosphere, I promise, this is the place for you. SBG is more than just a gym. They truly believe in a specific mentality that I have yet to find anywhere else. I never realized how important it was to not feel judged every time you stepped into the place. No one cares how much experience you have or where you start. All they want is for you to try. So, I implore you, try SBG. You won’t be disappointed.

Meaghan R.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Angel R.

I adore the spider monkey class! Not only is my daughter enjoying the friendships she made, she's learning to be a fully rounded person. In the short time we've attended classes I've seen an improvement in her physical abilities and personality. She's learning that she can accomplish anything she sticks to. My favorite classes have covered stranger danger and how to carry/ introduce yourself. Joining this class is one of the best choices I think I've made for my daughter's future!

Angel R.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Katlynn H.

I have been taking cardio kickboxing classes for about 6 months now and i absolutely love this gym. All of the staff and members make you feel inclusive and apart of the SBG family. It is nice to have an outlet for stress and fun workout environment filled with encouragement and laughter.

Katlynn H.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Justin T.

I just started kickboxing at this gym. I was referred by a couple friends that have been going for over a year. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but I am blown away at the experience and help provided by the staff both in and out of class. Everyone is very friendly and open to help each other. In just 2 weeks, I feel very confident in my basic kickboxing skills.

Justin T.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Laura K.

I have been at SBG now for almost two months and LOVE it!  I felt immediately welcome by the Coaches and Members.  I love that they make a big effort to build a great, cohesive team.  The Performance classes are great, and I love that they focus so much on injury prevention and rehab.  The Kickboxing classes are fun, intense, and make for a fantastic workout and stress release!

Laura K.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Ervin C.

Been going to SBG for about 3 years and I can say that I'll continue going there for many more years!! Best environment with so many friendly faces!!! SBG would soon become a second home to you! And a special shout out to Coach Sean Coleman, not only do all men envy him for his good looks but he's a straight up G in the mats and the way he teaches and interacts with all his students is fantastic!!

Ervin C.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Miyah D.

Gym is amazing.  The Coaches are fabulous. Coach Jared is great really puts the work in for you to be the best.

Miyah D.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Jennifer C.

Hands down BEST gym I've ever been to. The coaches and staff are the best and they truly care about your goals. SBG is such a welcoming and positive environment and I really look forward to coming every single day. I've been to other gyms where the programming either causes injury or wears you down. Their programming is progressive and I've seen consistent improvement since I started almost 6 months ago. I've tried for years to do one strict pull-up and was unsuccessful until I came here. Now I can do 3! This place is my second home and I look forward to the many more years of being with this awesome group!

Jennifer C.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Matthew B.

This place is awesome. Very knowledgeable coaches and they really want to work with you to get better. No meatheads or elitest addatudes here from the top down. It truly is a one tribe mindset.

Matthew B.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Alex C.

Single athlete program is the way to go! Love this gym! Staff is friendly, Gym is exceptionally clean, and everyone is truly part of one tribe here!!

Alex C.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Loma N.

The best part of my day starts when I walk into Straight Blast Gym, hands down. The amount of encouragement from each and every member keeps me coming back. Not to mention the amazing coaches who have the knowledge and experience to help each member reach their goals. I have never been apart of a gym with such a sense of community until now. SBG is truly one of a kind.

Loma N.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Jeremy N.

Awesome gym. The people and the coaches are all amazing and great to train with with. I've never been athletic and I've always been out of shape, but I have never felt like I didn't belong there with everyone else.

Jeremy N.

Straight Blast Gym Buford James R.

Great bunch of crazy guys/ gals that push you to be your best!

James R.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Dustin M.

It's only been 3 classes, by these guys are great. Coaches make class fun and motivating. Working to beat Jared one day.

Dustin M.

Straight Blast Gym Buford Jesse M.

I can't say enough about this place, anyone that knows me knows that since I started at SBG I can't stop. Whether you're just trying to loose weight, find a new hobby or bring home some Gold medals this place has your back. Between Phillipe, Pat, Jared and Jim you will find nothing but knowledge of the Arts and good attitudes. I recommend this place to your son and your grandma. SBG doesn't discriminate, anyone can find a home here.

Jesse M.

Straight Blast Gym Buford William A.

I have been a member of over 20 gyms over the years. None compares to SBG. It has a Family atmosphere to it. Some of the Best coaches in Ga. Great staff also. Give it a try.

William A.

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