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Jelani Wright

Kids Martial Arts  near Buford

Jelani Wright

  • Fitness Performance/Fitness Kickboxing

    Coach J is a full time SBG athlete and father of 3 teens.  A former international pro football player, he has been in the fitness space his entire adult life.  Jelani came to Straight Blast Gym in 2017, and dove in head first to our Muay Thai program.  He is a regular in SBG’s martial arts and fitness classes, and has competed in Kickboxing.

    3 Interesting Facts
  • Please bury me in a pair of flashy Thai shorts
  • I can’t sing or dance, but will not allow such limitations stop me from electric sliding my way through your wedding reception or birthday party
  • Inner beauty game is so strong I was named one of Atlanta’s most beautiful people 

Favorite Quote

“Love the life you live.  Live the life you love.” Bob Marley

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