Pat Barger

Pat Barger in Buford - Straight Blast Gym Buford

Pat Barger

Muay Thai Head Coach/MMA

If you ever find yourself in a fight – to finish that last rep, or even competing – you need Coach Pat in your corner! With over 100 fights as a corner man and coach, Pat has been instrumental in bringing home 6 championship belts to SBG-Buford! He started training and competing in the 90’s with Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA. As a coach, Pat has helped build the MMA team from the ground-up. He is always encouraged by tracking every students’ progress & see the skills being passed on to younger athletes – some who have gone on to fight!

Interesting Facts :

- He was in a Music Video featuring one of our other fighters
- He has a great collection of art that he buys/sells
- At one time was a smoker of 10 years – got healthy at the age of 26, quit and never looked back

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