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Chalk up your hands, plant your feet, and get ready for amazing strength gains in Straight Blast Gym’s Barbell Club!

Members of the Barbell club are looking to increase their maximum power output and top-line strength to their performance.  A certified USAW (USA Weightlifting) certified coach will oversee your workouts and put together your programming, so that all you have to do is show up and show that weight who’s boss!  Barbell Club members have communal lifting times in which they work together, and with their coaches, to achieve and meet tangible goals in weightlifting.  Members will be shown how to maximize their results in all of the major Olympic style lifts; the Snatch, Clean, Clean & Jerk, and an assortment of powerlifting exercises.

The men and women of our Barbell Club tend to experience rapid gains in strength, power, as well as good looking muscles and a faster metabolism. Weight training is one of the best ways to put your body in a state of fat-burning that lasts days on end. By activating your muscles, your body enters an anabolic state where it is now burning calories at a more rapid pace to support your new lean muscle growth.

I was leaving the gym one day and heard all of this noise coming from the weight room.  The music was blaring and all the people were yelling and cheering for each other.  I knew that I had to check it out so I got with one of the coaches.  The rest is history.  I LOVE Barbell Club!  I’m obsessed with learning how to lift weights.


The Girls of Barbell Club

What I like best about it is that by doing barbell it’s helped me improve in other areas. I have seen a big increase in strength and flexibility. Also the coaches and the other teammates are awesome. Always willing to help, teach, or encourage you.


What can you expect from Barbell Club?

Development of long lean muscle
Increased strength and explosive power
Faster metabolism
Weekly weightlifting programming designed by your coach
Attributes that carry over to other sports

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An SBG member support representative will be happy to provide you with more information and get you set up with one of our coaches to come by and see what all of the hype is all about!

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