May 2016 Member of the Month for SBG Buford: Paul Witherspoon

May 2016 Member of the Month for SBG Buford: Paul Witherspoon

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It didn’t take very long for Paul Witherspoon to become a favorite at SBG.

From the very beginning it was clear that this guy was going to train hard, be consistent, and be a positive role model for the other kids and athletes at the gym.


Along with his wife and two sons, Paul began doing jiu jitsu with SBG in the summer of 2015. It started with his youngest son, Trey, and Paul was soon to follow. Flash forward to the spring of 2016, and Paul has just received his blue belt in less than one year of training! On his new promotion, Head Coach Phillipe Gentry says:

“Paul is a true student and has a true dedication to learning. He is unique in that he can watch a technique be shown and immediately he has good questions about how to make it work for him and his body type.”

In addition to being a great training partner and student of jiu jitsu, Paul has become quite the ambassador for Straight Blast Gym. Gym manager James Morton explains:

He’s constantly helping and encouraging both kids and adults. He always addresses new members and makes them feel welcome, both on and off the mat.”

Jiu Jitsu coach Mike Rock adds:

“Paul is always smiling and his happiness is contagious! The guy trains consistently and is always helping the new guys when they come in.”

Thanks Paul, for being a great addition to SBG. We look forward to many more years of training with you and your family!

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