August 2016 Kid of the Month for SBG Buford: Freya Crowder

August 2016 Kid of the Month for SBG Buford: Freya Crowder


Freya Crowder is all about energy and enthusiasm. Lots and lots of it.


She’s not the type of kid who is afraid to try new things or sits in the corner trying to avoid the masses. From day one she was hyped up…sometimes a little too much, lol. Freya is the daughter of Straight Blast CrossFit coach Chris Crowder, and he definitely inherited his energy and chattiness. There was never any doubt that she was enthusiastic; the challenge was going to be channeling that energy into jiu jitsu. Kid’s Jiu Jitsu coach Mike Rock reflects on Freya’s first days and her recent progress:

“She is another student that has really turned a corner. Easily distracted at first! More focused on what was going on outside of the gym with her girl chats! But the last few months I have seen a big change in her. She is more focused and is really loving Jiu Jistu! She is a great addition to our tribe! She is a very funny kid with a great attitude and smile! And, she is easy to pick out of the crowd with that awesome red hair ;)”

One of the turning points for Freya was when she was invited to our Leadership program. After several months in our Explorers program, the coaches saw enough progress in her to invite her to the Leadership program where she would learn some advanced techniques, coaching methodology and leadership qualities. Leadership coach Jolene Bell added the following:

“Freya has a great desire to learn and she’s always eager to participate. She has the characteristics of a natural leader.”


Awesome job Freya!

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