Iron Man Belt Promotion Ceremony - August 13th 2016

Iron Man Belt Promotion Ceremony - August 13th 2016

Come One, Come ALL, SERIOUSLY!

Calling ALL Kids and Adults, come join us on Saturday

August 13th for the IRON MAN Belt

Promotion Ceremony!!!

Starting with Kids at 10a – 11a and then Adults from 12p – 2p.

Belt promotions are a HUGE honor and we want everyone to come and participate. This is a celebration of all the hard work that you have put in. All the chokes, armbars and take downs that you have endured are going to be funneled into one EPIC event to test your knowledge and endurance!

You will receive information from your coaches if you are being promoted. This event is open to all students and AGAIN, we want EVERYONE to come and participate. Let’s make this the BIGGEST Iron Man yet!!


Kids Belt Promotion Ceremony: 10a – 11a
Adult Belt Promotion Ceremony: 12p – 2p

Iron Man is a ceremony of all your hard work, let’s make this HUGE!

Join Us Today For The Best Training In Buford And All Of Gwinnett County!

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