July 2016 Kid of the Month for SBG Buford: Tennyson Gibs

July 2016 Kid of the Month for SBG Buford: Tennyson Gibs

Tennyson Gibbs has been with Straight Blast Gym for about a year now.

When he first arrived, he was a shy young man with a big heart and a small voice.


His parents wanted him to build some confidence and get some exercise, much like most of our new parents desire. Tennyson became a regular student, and it wasn’t too long before he got the invitation to join our Leadership group. Jiu Jitsu Explorers Coach Mike Rock, on Tennyson:

“When Tennyson first began training with us he was a shy kid that was a little of his comfort zone. Over the last year I have seen such a big change in him; a lot more smiles and a lot less crying! This tells me he has accomplished something that all kids should…not only how to win, but how to handle the losses too. He is far more vocal in class now and when I toss out a random question regarding our technique for the day I can always count on his hand being one of the first raised, and him being excited to provide an answer. It really has been an amazing thing to witness the growth that Tennyson has gone through on the mats.”

Leadership Coach Jolene added this:

“I like that he is willing to try anything, eager to learn and isn’t afraid to put himself out there. He seems shy but he really wants to be apart of something, wants to have friends, wants to please everyone. He has a very warming smile and when he gets something you can just see him beaming from the inside out.”

Great job Tennyson!


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