July 2016 Member of the Month for SBG Buford: Matt Keppler

July 2016 Member of the Month for SBG Buford: Matt Keppler

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Our member of the month is typically someone who has been with SBG for a while.



This month, we spotlight one of our newer student, Matt Keppler.

It was clear from the get-go that Matt was going to be a fantastic team member of Straight Blast Gym in Buford. Coach Mike Rock explains:

“Matt walked in the door and from day one just felt like part of the tribe. I love his drive and that he is constantly pushing himself to get better. There is no quit in Matt and it was obvious at the last tournament when, despite being up by a lot of points, Matt went ahead and went for a submission to pick up the victory. It was a great performance displaying some solid jiu jitsu!”

Not only did Matt pick up a gold medal during that jiu jitsu tournament, but he was there for all of his teammates to cheer and encourage them, whether they were veterans of jiu jitsu competitions or it was their very first one. His selfless attitude has clearly endeared himself to his tribe.

Coach Jim had this to say about Matt:

“Despite being new, Matt came in with a big voice. He is always encouraging the other students to push forward, and he does it with motivation and enthusiasm instead of hard-love. Matt is always volunteering to help us with anything we need, on-or-off the mats, including when our new heavy bags came in and he helped us carry them upstairs without even being asked He is a true team player and an awesome new addition!”

We are stoked to have Matt with Straight Blast Gym and can’t wait to see his progression over the upcoming years!

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