June 2016 Kid of the Month for SGB Buford: Laren Amerman

June 2016 Kid of the Month for SGB Buford: Laren Amerman


Lauren Amerman is one of the most adorable young girls you’ll ever meet.

Always smiling and laughing, she is a pleasure to have in any class.


Lauren has been training with Straight Blast Gym since the age of 5. Now 8, Lauren is a part of our Leadership Team and one of the veteran voices of the Growing Gorillas program.

When asked about why Lauren and her family enjoy training at Straight Blast Gym, her mother, Linda, provided us with the following:

“We love the positive energy at SBG, and the experienced coaches. And of course, the confidence and self defense training that jiu jitsu gives her. Lauren says all of her coaches are good coaches and they are funny, especially coach Jared. And she likes competing.”

For her first couple of competitions, Lauren wasn’t especially active and would often fall to more aggressive kids. She’s always had the skill to do well, but sometimes lacked the focus to win. On the weekend of May 21st, 2015…that all changed. Everything clicked for Lauren and she looked absolutely fantastic!

Kid’s Jiu Jitsu Coach Mike Rock on Lauren:

“I test her constantly in class by asking her questions to see if she knows the answer and she almost always has an answer. She used to be so shy and quiet, and now she’s such a wonderful bubbly personality. She competed in jiu jitsu last Saturday and did absolutely phenomenal! After she earned her grey/white belt you could really see her turn the corner and she has gotten sooo much better in a short period of time.”

Lauren is a prime example of someone who came to SBG looking for exercise and some added confidence, and has come away with that and so much more.

Seeing her incredible progress has brought smiles to her coaches faces and pride to her tribe.

Great job Lauren!

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