SBG Atlanta's January 2017 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Carter Shin

SBG Atlanta's January 2017 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Carter Shin

Carter Shin has been training with SBG for a lot of years. Since 2012, Carter has been doing jiu jitsu under Head Coach Phillipe Gentry at Straight Blast Gym Buford. He is a purple belt and one of the gym’s most active competitors. In December, Carter represented Straight Blast Gym at the the Fight To Win competition held at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, GA. In front of many of his teammates and hundreds of spectators he earned a submission victory, and even earned submission of the night for all purple belts!

Coach Phillipe had this to say about Carter Shin:

“He is super consistent; that guy that I always know will show up ready to go. He is one of my top competitors and a super hard worker. Carter is super helpful and is always offering up his services to anyone who needs it. He loves jiu jitsu, and that love is contagious during class. At the Fight to Win competition he looked fantastic, and just importantly he was super graceful in victory to his opponent. Very classy.”

On the mats, Carter is one of the most enthusiastic members of the SBG tribe. You can see the excitement on his face when he learns a new technique, sweep or pass. It is that kind of enthusiasm that makes everyone more excited to train, and the kind of enthusiasm that SBG strives to create.

When asked about why he chose SBG and why he enjoys training here, Carter said this:

“I was looking for a gym with a safe environment and with a great vibe and good instruction. I took a class at old location in Lawrenceville and I loved it. I’ve never looked back since then. SBG is full of good people. I love the culture and no one here shows ego during training. There are no bad attitudes at the gym.”


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