SBG Atlanta's January 2017 Kid of the Month: Jake Hawkins

SBG Atlanta's January 2017 Kid of the Month: Jake Hawkins

Kris Hawkins has been training with Straight Blast Gym since the old days when we were located in Lawrenceville. Kris is in his 40’s and does jiu jitsu. After a couple years, he got his son Jake involved in the fold.

Kris, opened up about Jake’s jiu jitsu experience:

“He started BJJ because it looked fun, and he wanted to someday compete. His dad did it and he liked watching me, and it looked like something he wanted to do. When he started he was super awkward arms and legs everywhere, also looking like a deer in the headlights. But now he likes to choke people, so I have created a monster, LOL.”

Jake is now learning to use his long limbs to his advantage, developing his own unique skillset that works well in his favor. Jiu Jitsu is designed for people of all different body types, and Jake is getting really good at using this height and length as a big advantage.

Head kid’s coach Sean Coleman tells us more about Jake:

“Since his first day Jake has exemplified good leadership qualities. He is always very welcoming to new the newer kids in class. Example:Today he was partnered up with one of the newer kids and rolled very gentle and technical. He is always a safe training partner, even when he is the bigger kid (which is most of the time). He is a perfect representative of SBG’s rule #1; Don’t train rough.”

Keep up the awesome work Jake! We’re excited to see what the future holds for you.


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