SBG Atlanta's December 2016 Kid of the Month: Lilly Smalls

SBG Atlanta's December 2016 Kid of the Month: Lilly Smalls

Liliy is in our Chimpanzee jiu jitsu group (7-10 year olds).


She is the kind of girl that you can’t help but love. Initially shy, once it is time to train she is all business. She is incredibly focused and a pleasure to have with us. She has been training with us for months and recently was promoted to the Leadership group, after showing great progress in class and a desire to want to learn more. Coach Mike Rock says this about


“All of our kids could watch her and takes notes! She is the most well behaved kid in class. Even when some of the others are talking and laughing when we line up, she ignores the distractions, stands at attention, listens and follows instructions to a T. She is all smiles, no complaints and eager to learn. I knew she was a leader from the first time she took class. I was SO excited to invite her to Leadership.”

Lily’s mom Katrina told us a little about Liliy’s time at Straight Blast Gym:

“About a year ago, we wanted to get Liliy involved in something that would teach her some self-defense. She is already doing gymnastics and we thought that jiu-jitsu would compliment her current skill set and teach her some practical, real-life self defense. Liliy loves the coaches here and her tribe of teammates.”

We can’t wait to see Liliy’s progress in 2017. Keep up the great work!

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