SBG Atlanta's December 2016 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Brent Ledford

SBG Atlanta's December 2016 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Brent Ledford


Brent Ledford has undergone a mighty transition over the past year.


Having been with Straight Blast Gym since August of 2015, Brent Ledford has lost 80 pounds! Participating in both kickboxing and CrossFit, Brent came to the gym with a specific set of goals and was not going to let anything stand in his way. Brent tells us some about his background:

“I had an sports background and had lifted weights in the past. I had let myself get to a point where traditional bodybuilding methods were not gonna cut it. I had trained in jiu jitsu and kickboxing also when I was a kid and always wanted to get back into it. I was also interested in CrossFit. I figured those combined with a solid nutrition plan would be the ticket. My friend Van Seely said he was training at SBG so I thought I would check it out. I stopped by and spoke with Coach Jim and that’s all she wrote.”

Brent became a regular in the Kickboxing Foundations program, as well as putting in some time in CrossFit. He started to see results right away, thanks to his hard work and persistence. Coach Jim remembers Brent’s first couple months at SBG:

“Brent was one of those guys that hit the ground running. He’d made a conscious choice to improve his health and drop some weight and we was all about getting it done! Not only was he a regular but he always had such a good attitude. Before he’d leave for the day he’d always let me know when he’d be back next…which was usually the next day! Fast forward a year later and he still has that same awesome attitude and is in my kickboxing class at least twice a week.”

Brent is one of the more enthusiastic members of the SBG tribe, always there to give you a high five or a hug and ask you how your day is going. He sums up his experience with Straight Blast Gym with the following:

“My favorite things about the gym are the quality training, great coaches and the camaraderie. It really is like a family.”

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