SBG Atlanta's November 2016 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Thandi Turner

SBG Atlanta's November 2016 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Thandi Turner

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Thandi Turner, or “T”, as he is referred to by his training partners, is one of the most respected and well-liked members of Straight Blast Gym Buford.

He is one of elder statesman and a man who leads by example. Head jiu-jitsu coach Phillipe Gentry sums up T:

“He is a hard worker, a grinder, and a family man who is passionate about his son’s wrestling career. I very much respect how much T is all about the team. Even when he was dealing with some health issues he didn’t let it slow him down. A lot of guys get discouraged when they come back and found out that they’ve lost a step or two during their hiatus. He came back full steam and never let it bring him down. He is an inspiration to the other guys and girls on the mat.”

Over the last few years T’s hard work has seen him move up from blue belt to purple, as well as achieve several wins in local jiu-jitsu tournaments. T recalls how he first got linked up with SBG:

“SBG was recommended to me by another competitor while I was competing at a COPA Submission tournament in 2011. I was looking at Phillipe Gentry compete in a No-Gi match at that tournament. He was relentless and I liked his style. I learned that Phillipe Gentry was not only a great competitor but also an entrepreneur and ran his own gym near to where I lived. I visited SBG and after the first day, I paid up front for a year. You know value when you experience it. I’ve never looked back.”

Indeed he did not, becoming a regular in the 12pm weekday jiu jitsu class taught by Coach Phillipe. T is a wonderful example of staying in phenomenal shape in your 40s by continuing to take care of his body and mind through martial arts. T sums up his experience with Straight Blast Gym:

“My favorite part about SBG is the professionalism of the management and staff. Yet somehow they also cultivate a great family environment. They foster a feeling of positivity within the gym environment through example that permeates most of, if not all the members.”


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