October's Kids of the Month are Grant and Brayden Clinger!

October's Kids of the Month are Grant and Brayden Clinger!

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Grant and Brayden Clinger are 2 of 4 brothers that train in jiu jitsu at Straight Blast Gym in Buford.


Their two older brothers train in our adult program, while Grant and Brayden are a part of our 7-10 year old group known as our Chimpanzees.


Often times kids will inquire interest in martial arts because they want to gain self confidence and learn self defense. The parents also want for their kids to get in some exercise and make new friends. The Clinger brothers have been able to achieve all of that and more at Straight Blast Gym. Grant and Brayden gave us a great response when asked about their experiences at SBG:

“We got involved in BJJ when a family friend introduced us to it down in Florida on vacation. The moves were really cool and looked like something out of a movie! When we looked into places in our area we found SBG and knew it was one of the best places around! The coaches are so much fun and we never get bored training there! We keep training because every month we feel we’ve gained more skills and knowledge and hope to be leaders to the younger kids just starting out. Plus we’ve got cool muscles now and feel like we’re legit martial artists.”

The part about learning legit martial arts is a big issue with kids. Often times parents find themselves unhappy with their kids participating in a martial art that doesn’t offer practical self defense. Over the last couple weeks, Kids Jiu Jitsu coach Mike Rock started singing the praises of the Clinger brothers.

“Those boys are consistent and always smiling. Over the last year or so they have become good drilling partners and I really appreciate how coachable they are. Frankly, they the ideal students!”

The Clinger brothers are blossoming into great examples for the rest of the team and their improvements in jiu jitsu are very visible.

Great job fellas!

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