SBG Atlanta's September 2016 Martial Arts Member of the Month: Wes Parker

Wes is September's Martial Artist of the Month!!


Wes has been at Straight Blast Gym in Buford for 6 months. A high school teacher and basketball coach, he was looking for something new, active and challenging so he picked up the phone and spoke to Coach Jim about trying kickboxing. Wes came in and tried a Kickboxing Foundations class, where he learned the basics of striking while getting in a good sweat. Coach Jim remembers his first days at SBG:

“Wes was a quick learner because he listened intently and kept showing up week after week. Every class I’d see him getting better and better while the classes appeared to keep getting easier and easier for him. I told him on the first day that the hardest part was just walking through the door the first time. Well, he not only walked through the door but he has now become a regular in the 5:30pm classes!”

When asked why Wes is so dedicated to his schedule at SBG he provided the following:

“The best part about this place is the people. They always make you feel welcome whether you are a beginner or a regular. The coaches give you so much instruction and the amount of patience they have is first class.”

Thanks for the kind words Wes, and keep up the great work!


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