Jiu Jitsu Foundations

bjjfBrazilian Jiu Jitsu has proven itself to be one of the most effective arts for self defense, not to mention it is a great workout!  By utilizing leverage, base and momentum, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows a smaller opponent to neutralize and defeat larger opponents.  Over the past decade, Jiu Jitsu has become incredibly popular, not only as a martial art but, as a fantastic way of getting in great shape.  People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and skill level have found that jiu jitsu is a great way of meeting their health and fitness goals while being able to train in a safe and controlled environment.


Every new jiu jitsu participant begins in Foundations class.  Here you’ll be surrounded by other new students learning the fundamentals of the sport.  Along with learning the basics of grappling and and applying submissions, you’ll get comfortable being on the ground and understand what it is like to defend yourself off of your back, along with getting your conditioning up at a pace that has you feeling awesome and confident!  By focusing on the foundational components of your game you’ll be able to graduate to out of Foundations with the knowledge that you won’t feel overwhelmed or out of your element at the next level.


Jiu Jitsu

bjj1Jiu Jitsu took the world by storm in the early 90’s when Royce Gracie won UFC 1, UFC 2 and UFC 4 by submitting all of his opponents!  Back then the UFC was a tournament meaning Royce fought 3 or more opponents in each event.  It was unbelievable!  Here was a guy that was much smaller than everyone else winning over and over again.  How was this possible? Jiu Jitsu, that’s how.  Since then Jiu Jitsu has grown rapidly and is now practiced all over the world. Due to the focus of technique and structural leverage as opposed to physical attributes like muscle and speed, Jiu Jitsu has become the go to art for women, children, military, police and everyday folks like you and me.  On top of that, you’ll get in awesome shape while doing it!


There are lots of gyms that practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but not many that have the roots that we do here at SBG Atlanta. Our head coach Phillipe Gentry received his black belt from the legendary Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti. Professor Jacare received his black belt from Rolls Gracie who got his from the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as we know it today, Carlos Gracie Sr.  Coach Phillipe has taken what he’s learned from “Jacare” and many other legends of the sport today and mixed it with the unique coaching methodology of Straight Blast Gym International.  At SBG Atlanta you will find a safe, fun and encouraging training environment designed to take you to the next level.   


Jiu Jitsu Blitz



The Jiu Jitsu Blitz classes incorporate more live drilling, where your partner will offer you more resistance.

Blitz classes are designed to create a more competition style environment where students are able to put their drills to work in a sparring type of environment.

Members must be two stripe white belts and above to attend Blitz classes.



Jiu Jitsu private lessons and personal training

bjjptA lot of people aren’t ready, or have no desire, to train in a class setting.  This is very normal and we have many athletes and students who only train in a one-on-one setting with one of our coaches.  In a private setting the coach is able to customize and design your workout and program to ensure it is most beneficial for you and achieving your personal goals.  Those who take advantage of private lessons find that by having all of the coaches time and attention placed squarely on them they are able to progress at a much faster rate than those attending classes.  Many of the people utilizing private lessons in jiu jitsu are doing so as part of their personal training program, as they find that training in jiu jitsu is an interesting, engaging, and effective way to get in great shape.