Bust the boredom of a typical gym workout and get in amazing shape with our fun, fast-paced, fitness based workout!

Most gyms “kickboxing” classes involve standing in a big room and throwing punches and kicks into the air, giving your muscles no resistance, and giving you zero fun.  Other kickboxing gyms pull out the sandbags, and have you work combinations on the bag for the entire class.  At SBG…we take Cardio Kickboxing to the next level!  During your fast-paced 45 minute class, you’ll do a combination of kickboxing, bodyweight movements, and abdominal and core strengthening, ensuring AWESOME results!


“I love the way I feel after Cardio Kickboxing class. Not only does it get my heart racing and my body moving, but I always feel incredible afterwards. When I’m working hard, it makes me want to eat better, and it definitely makes me sleep better, LOL!”

Pk Ko

Cardio Kickboxing classes at Straight Blast Gym are 45 minutes, dedicated to getting you amazing results and having fun while working out!  The classes are designed specifically to develop an increase in your lean muscle tone while shredding  body fat at an incredible rate.

Cardio Kickboxing classes at Straight Blast Gym are taught by coaches with real life fight experience. Does that mean that you have to spar or fight? Absolutely not! Cardio Kickboxing classes are for those looking to get in the best shape of their lives; not those looking to become fighters.

Top 3 Reasons Cardio Kickboxing Will Get You In Unbelievable Shape

It makes working out fun!

So here’s the thing: if working out becomes a big hassle that you dread doing…you probably aren’t going to keep doing it.  Going to a crowded gym and trying to maneuver your way through a bunch of medieval looking equipment results in most people giving up on their gym membership, and giving up reaching their goals.  Keeping the workouts fun, exciting, and innovative keeps you coming back for more!

See results quickly! 

When you start to experience new physical movements, and your muscles are being challenged in new and exciting ways, your body will respond with all kinds of positive changes. Your shoulders and arms will begin to tighten, your waist will get smaller, and you’ll just feel better!

Constant Variety! 

One of the keys to getting an awesome body is to constantly keep your workouts varied and changing.  Your body is pretty clever at adapting to physical challenges.  Consistently changing up the routine and exercises performed guarantees that your body will continue changing for the better.  Not only does it keep your body changing for the better, but it keeps things fresh and interesting!


“Straight Blast Gym is the first place I’ve been where, all day, I’m excited about coming to workout.  The people and the coaches are awesome, and they’re always pumped to see me when I walk through the door.  That’s a big deal, because it’s really easy to blow off working out when I have a lot going on in life.  Because I’m having fun and getting results, I alway make time for my training sessions!”

Erin Criswell

Since June of 2013, Straight Blast Gym has been getting people in incredible shape.

Our philosophy is simple; to provide you with the coaching, accountability, and motivation you need to achieve your goals. This formula has helped us to achieve a whopping 95% monthly attrition rate, and garner hundreds of stellar online reviews!


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