CrossFit Foundations

cffWelcome to your beginning of your CrossFit lifestyle!  Before you go throwing those medicine balls and kettlebells around, we want to ensure that you are given all of the tools needed to get and great shape and stay safe while doing it.  


At Straight Blast Gym, your Foundations training is done one-on-one (sometimes we’ll do two people together if you so desire) to ensure that you are getting your coach’s full attention and focus.  On your first day you’ll spend ninety minutes with one of our certified and experienced CrossFit coaches.  During that 1 1/2 hours, it allows you to develop a relationship with your coach while allowing us to understand what your goals are, see how you move, and asses how many sessions you’ll need in our Foundations program before beginning CrossFit.  We find that most people need 4-6 private sessions with their coach to get comfortable with the movements of CrossFit, as well as a chance to do a few workouts at a more relaxed pace before joining the regular CrossFit classes.  



cfThere is a reason that there are now over 10,000 CrossFit boxes located around the world.  CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness brand in the world, and that success is powered by the thousands and thousands of people who have gotten in fantastic shape through CrossFit’s methodology of training functional movements involving gymnastics, weight training, and plyometrics.  CrossFit has done a remarkable job of creating an unmatched community of enthusiasm and support that keep its athletes enthusiastic and excited about staying in shape!  Through the use of resistance training coupled with short, but vigorous, bouts of cardio, CrossFit athletes are achieving their health and fitness goals at an unparalleled pace!  


CrossFit is designed to improve every element of fitness, in what we call General Physical Preparedness.  Rather than just focusing on being really strong, really fast, or a great endurance athlete, CrossFit has excelled at helping its users to get better in ten key areas: Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Balance, Agility and Accuracy.


Most people who gravitate towards CrossFit aren’t trying to compete in the CrossFit games, but instead are looking to get in the best shape possible and have fun while doing it!