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Fitness Performance

Take your health and physical appearance to the next level with our Fitness Performance program.

Straight Blast Gym’s fitness programs are a huge reason for SBG winning Best of Gwinnett’s ‘Best Gym and Health Club’ for 2015 and 2016. With a sterling reputation for getting results, the Performance classes are designed for those looking for that lean, toned, and strong look. Performance classes offer a mixture of weight lifting, rowing, jumping, running, and gymnastics, giving you all of the tools needed to get yourself in great, achievable shape. And here’s the best part….you can have zero athletic training and jump right into our Fitness Performance program!

“I’ve never embarked on something so challenging, exciting, redeeming, gratifying, empowering, rewarding, and so many other things. One day I just decided that I wanted to try something new and it took me from the couch to the gym. I know it takes discipline but the coaches make it so much easier by creating a fun and rewarding environment. Straight Blast Gym has changed my life!”


Take the steps you need to look and feel your absolute best!

The hardest part towards having the body you want, and having bounds of endless energy, is taking that first step.  Millions of people let fear and complacency stop them from looking the way they want to look and feeling the way they want to feel.  Straight Blast Gym wants you to take that first step by offering you a FREE one-on-one session with one of our certified and experienced coaches.  

Your free private session will include the following:

  • Tour our state-of-the-art facility
  • Meet, and sit down, with your coach to formulate a game plan to help you achieve your specific goals
  • Complete a mobility assessment so we can see if you have any physical limitations or ailments we need to look out for
  • Participate in a first-day workout so that you get a taste of what the Performance class is all about
  • Most importantly, make sure that you like Straight Blast Gym and feel like the Fitness Performance program will be a good fit for you!

“My favorite things about the gym are the quality training, great coaches and the camaraderie.  It really is like a family. You can tell that the coaches and other members actually care about you getting positive results. I’ve never been a part of something where the coaches and other members are all cheering me on as I finish out my last couple reps, or row my last hundred meters. I can never go back to a big box gym again! I’ve been spoiled. ”

Brent Ledford

So what makes Performance classes so awesome?

#1 – Workouts that are actually fun!

One of the top reasons people abandon their workout routines is a lack of enjoyment.  Millions of Americans plod away at their big box gym, going through the motions while counting down the minutes until it’s time to leave.  Worse yet, they become so miserable that they give up all together.

Performance classes are motivating, high energy, and always bringing something different to the table, ensuring that you stay engaged, interested, and driven towards hitting your goals!

#2 – A track record of proven results

One of the main reasons for Straight Blast Gym’s success is our history of getting people in phenomenal shape!

There are hundreds of SBG members who can testify to getting awesome results, through a combination of many factors.  A quick glance at our online reviews will validate our claim of doing a pretty dang good job of helping our members to look and feel their best!

Through a combination of cardio, resistance training, and having an expert coach that will guide you through your workouts, members of our Fitness Performance program are seeing results in as little as 10 days. Where other “cookie cutter” group training classes fall short by offering generic workouts that are made up on the spot, SBG’s Fitness Performance classes are all programmed weeks in advance to ensure that our athletes continue to see amazing results over time.

#3 – Cardio Kickboxing is included in your membership

One of the unique things about SBG’s Fitness Performance program is that it also includes full access to our Cardio Kickboxing program. Fitness Performance athletes are welcome and encouraged to add Kickboxing to their training regimen to keep things fun and exciting.

#4 – A Foundations program to get started

Where as a lot of gyms offer a “sink or swim” mentality to their new members, we believe in giving our new members all of the tools they need to succeed from the start.

Without the proper instruction and information from the start, most athletes will get frustrated and fizzle out.

Our one-on-one Foundations process lets you and your CrossFit certified coach build a solid fundamental structure for all of your core movements, ensuring that you can have fun and get awesome results in the Performance class without always having to worry about getting hurt.  It is in large part to this Foundations process that we boast a 95% monthly attrition rate of our members in the Performance program!

#5 – Coaches who care

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a member of Straight Blast Gym who doesn’t rave about the quality of their coaches.  All of our Performance coaches hold a CrossFit Level 1 certification, in addition to an SBG Level 1 certification.  And while certification are certainly important, a great coach is more than just knowledge…it’s someone who inspires you to do better. SBG Buford coaches have a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure they give their athletes the accountability, knowledge, and motivation to give it their absolute all during a workout.  SBG coaches understand that a great relationship between athlete and coach is imperative for success.

Looking to take action quickly?

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An SBG member support representative will be happy to provide you with more information and get you set up with one of our coaches to come by and see what all of the hype is all about!

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