Kickboxing Foundations

kbfKickboxing has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways to get in great shape while providing a more fun and hands-on experience than attending a big box gym.  Millions of people have turned to Kickboxing and Muay Thai as a fun and exciting way to achieve their fitness goals, while at the same time learning real-life practical self defense!  


Every new member starts their kickboxing journey in our Foundations program.  It doesn’t get much worse than going to a new gym and being thrown into a class where you have no idea what’s going on.  Not at SBG!  Your first intro session will be one-on-one with an experienced kickboxing coach where we can show you the basics of kickboxing in a comfortable environment where the only expectation is that you come in with a good attitude, listen to your coach and try your best.  From there you’ll begin training in our Foundations classes where you will be instructed on how to throw proper punches and kicks, shown different striking combinations, taught the best ways to move your head and feet while kickboxing, and most importantly you’ll get in an awesome workout!  We want everyone to feel comfortable when they start kickboxing, not afraid.  After all, this is supposed to be fun!


Your Foundations training can be done in a class setting, or if you prefer a more personal experience you can do your entire Foundations program one-on-one with one of our Kickboxing coaches to really help you understand the fundamentals of kickboxing and customize the coaching and training to your abilities.  



kbOnce a student has graduated from the Foundations program, they will be eligible to attend our Kickboxing classes.  Kickboxing allows you to get in a great workout while learning one of the most prominent and effective martial arts in the world.  You’ll use punches and kicks to get in great cardiovascular shape, burn tons of calories, work your muscles, and learn how to protect yourself.  Through the use of partner drills, hitting pads, and some heavy bag work you’ll get a full body workout guaranteed to leave you feeling energized, sweaty, and ready to kick some butt!


SBG differentiates itself from most other martial arts and MMA gyms by teaching real-life kickboxing to our members and not a watered down version that doesn’t teach you any real striking.  Will you get a lot of cardio work in Kickboxing?  Absolutely!  We’d feel pretty bad if you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to defend yourself with some kickboxing and you ended up not knowing what to do!  In addition to getting in great shape, we want you to feel confident that you’ve picked up some awesome kickboxing skills that can be put to use if you ever need them.  


Kickboxing Blitz


Kickboxing Blitz classes incorporate more advanced techniques and are practiced in situationas where the participants have to react and respond to their opponent or pad holder. More ‘hands on’ type drills are done in the Blitz class, and sparring rounds are sometimes incorporated. The Blitz format allows members to train in a more ‘live’ setting, where they can really put their skillset to use. Blitz classes are entirely optional, and never mandatory for SBG members.


Kickboxing Private Lessons and Personal Training

kbptA lot of people aren’t ready, or have no desire, to train in a class setting.   This is very normal and we have many people who only train in a one-on-one setting with one of our experienced coaches.  In a private setting the coach is able to customize and design your workout and program to ensure it is most beneficial for you and achieving your personal goals.  Those who take advantage of private lessons find that by having all of the coaches time and attention placed squarely on them they are able to progress at a faster rate than those attending classes.  Many of the people utilizing private lessons in kickboxing are doing so as part of their personal training program, as they find kickboxing far more interesting, engaging, and effective than running on a treadmill or attending a big box gym.