Kids' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

At Straight Blast Gym we are big proponents of teaching our kids real-life practical martial arts at a young age.  Unlike many martial arts that are taught to work in theory, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows your child to learn and apply what he is taught in a controlled and safe environment so that they can see that their hard work is paying off.  We want your kid to know that if they are every in a sticky spot and need to resort to their jiu jitsu they’ll have complete confidence that it will be effective, as they’ve seen it work so many times in practice against their peers.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is becoming incredibly popular with parents around the world because it allows their child to be able to defend themselves against a larger opponent without having to resort to throwing punches or kicks.  In our local school systems, that’s an automatic suspension…even if your kid was just defending himself.


SBG Buford has 4 different age groups for our Kid’s Jiu Jitsu program:

Spider Monkeys


The Spider Monkeys are for kids ages 4 to 6 years old. At this level your child will begin to learn and apply the basic movements and postures of Brazilian jiu jitsu.  Armed with a white belt and a jiu jitsu gi (gee), your kid is able to earn advancements through attendance, showing progressions in their skill set, and completing their monthly homework.  You’ll be able to watch as your kid is taught the proper postures, movements, and submissions, ensuring your child builds confidence and sound jiu jitsu technique.


chimpsThe Chimpanzee group is for kids ages 7 to 10 years old.  At this level our kids get to really dive into the technical side of jiu jitsu with more advanced drills and techniques.  In this age group the kids get to start training with a lot of ‘aliveness’ drills, where they get to practice their jiu jitsu in real life scenarios and see the fruition of all of their hard work.  

Jr. Gorillas

jrgorThe Jr. Gorillas are comprised of kids from 11 to 15 years old.  This group of pre-teens and young teenagers are learning curriculum similar to the adult classes but in an environment where they are around kids their own age and size.  The Jr. Gorillas are seen as the leads of our Kid’s Jiu Jitsu program and are taught to carry themselves accordingly.  Jr. Gorillas often leave the kid’s program for the adult program with a huge advantage over many of our grown ups!  




For our kid’s 7 years old and up, we offer an invitation-only program for those who are interested in taking their jiu jitsu to the next level.  The Leadership program is an additional 30 minute class that is held after the kid’s jiu jitsu class.   In the Leadership program your kid will get the opportunity to learn advanced jiu jitsu techniques in addition to working on achieving promotional chevrons by achieving certain criteria in Leadership, Coaching, Teaching and Samurai Lifestyle.  

Submission Samurai


The Submission Samurai program is for the kids who want to train at the highest level.  The members of the Submission Samurai program compete on behalf of Straight Blast Gym at jiu jitsu competitions.  Working with Coach Phillipe, the kids in Submission Samurai are given access to the same curriculum as the adults and train with more advanced techniques then what are taught in the Kid’s Jiu Jitsu program.