MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is the ultimate in martial arts and self defense training.  Combining elements of muay thai, kickboxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, and judo, Straight Blast Gym Buford has created one of the premier mixed martial arts programs in the state of Georgia, sporting both amateur and professional mixed martial arts fighters in our gym.  mma1Using the SBG training philosophies that have put out top level fighters like Conor McGregor, Artum Lobov, and Gunnar Nelson, Straight Blast Gym incorporates ‘Aliveness’ into our training.  Aliveness utilizes movement, timing and energy to replicate real-life scenarios and situations, ensuring maximum preparedness for anyone needing to utilize their skills in competition or a self defense scenario.



The majority of those who do compete in MMA at Straight Blast Gym have no martial arts experience when they walk in the door.  We have systems and programs in place to ensure that all interested parties receive the necessary training before stepping into a ring or cage to take a fight.  


SBG’s mixed martial arts program isn’t just for those looking to be fighters, but rather for anyone looking to get a great workout and learn the most complete and effective self defense method in the world.  Men and women of all ages are able to safely participate in our MMA program without any worry of being ‘beaten up’.  Those wishing to train in our mixed martial arts program will need to participate in our kickboxing and jiu jitsu programs before being allowed to take part in our mixed martial arts classes.