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Working with a coach is about more than just having them ‘put you through a workout’.  All too often, people in need of help and guidance spend a lot of money hiring a trainer a their local big box gym, looking for a health and fitness professional who will get them the results they are looking for.  Instead, they get someone new to the health and fitness industry who doesn’t know how to get you looking and feeling the way you want.  Personal Trainers have high turn-over rates as well, so you might work with a dozen different trainers over the course of 6 months.  As a result the client feels frustrated, having spent so much money and time on a trainer (or often times multiple trainers) who didn’t produce what they promised.  

The fact is that there is no one-size-fits-all program that works for everyone.  Person A and Person B might lead very different lifestyles, have a very different body types, respond to different type of instruction, and have very different goals.  These two people will require different programming and different coaching.  At Straight Blast Gym we understand the importance of building a specific program for each person that is custom tailored to the individual.  

“I came to Straight Blast Gym from a big box gym.  What brought me here is the one-on-one coaching.  I LOVE that they are focused completely on me and my goals, my form, and my individual results.”

Susan Mazzarella

Those who do personal training sessions at SBG benefit from having the accountability of their own coach, in addition to being given all of the tools needed to succeed.  Straight Blast Gym is unique in that its members, clients, and athletes are able to choose from a multitude of different avenues to help them meet their health and fitness objectives.  Clients can incorporate weight lifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and more into their program to make their training sessions fun, challenging, and successful.  SBG coaches understand the proper balance of weight training, cardiovascular training, and diet, to ensure optimal results.

“It’s not just the weight loss, it’s the change in physique and my strength increases too.  I catch myself in the mirror sometimes and I hardly recognize myself.  After training is done I love going home and having that great energy to be able to play with my kids and spend quality time with my wife.”

Rick Morgenstern

What makes personal training at Straight Blast Gym special?

Straight Blast Gym Buford

Customized workouts designed just for you
Diet analysis
Individual goal setting
A coach who is all about you
Coaches with years of experience
A comfortable, friendly atmosphere

Other Gyms

Generic workouts on random machines
Zero diet coaching included
You’re just another number to hit quota
Rotating staff who change all the time
Coaches just getting started in the business
A super crowded, cold environment

Personal Training is just that….personal.  We invite anyone who is interested to come by Straight Blast Gym to meet with your coach and take part in a FREE private session. During that session you and your coach will do the following:

  • Tour our state of the art facility
  • Review your health and fitness goals, and create a gameplan to reach those goals
  • A mobility assessment, to see where your strengths and areas of needed improvement are in terms of movement
  • A first day workout

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An SBG member support representative will be happy to provide you with more information and get you set up with one of our coaches to come by and see what all of the hype is all about!

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